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Co-ordinating Pastor and Dean: Canon Paul Townsend

email: ptownsend@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk


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The Catenian Society:

There are many circles to which members of the Avon Stour Pastoral Area belong.  These are organised geographically.  If you are interested in joining a circle you will find below the link to the local Province website which has links to a circle within your own geographical area.  It also gives you information on the Catenian Society if you are simply interested in finding out more about them.



The Apostleship of the Sea

have recently refreshed their website to make it more interesting for their supporters.  Their URL is:



Registered charity in England and Wales: 1069833.

Registered charity in Scotland: SC043085

Registered company: 3320319

Direct Line: 02070128607

Herald House, 15 Lambs Passage, London EC1Y 8LE.


For more information about their work or to donate visit their website.


Follow their pictures www.flickr.com/apostleshipofthe sea


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AoS.GB


Twitter: @Apostleshipsea


Christchurch Angels


This is an invitation to your church.


The Christchurch Angels befriending group would like to offer our services to your church for a 30 min presentation of what we are about.


We exist to reach out to people who are without a close network of family or friends.

​We give practical and emotional support and try to help people to make the most of their local community.


Our clients come from either Bournemouth Hospitals or Local Surgeries referrals.


Various comments like this we have received.


‘It’s life changing!’


‘It’s just like hands reaching out to you when you need it most’


Glenys Brown – the area co-ordinator would be delighted to come to you and explain more of what we do.


If this would be of interest in your Outreach program please contact Glenys at christchurchangels@gmail.com or 07443 476798

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