1) Prayer and Reflection lead by Deacon Hugh Parry


2)Mission Statement read aloud by all.


3)Present:- Canon Paul Townsend, Fr. John Cooke, John

Murphy, Peter Thomson, Richard Martin, Neil Dawson,

Deacon Hugh Parry, Maureen Todd, Mary Tolfree, Juliette

Malan, Mariel Adams, Helen Eales, Helen Rawlins, Jenny



4)Apologies :- Anne Davies, Fr. Kevin Holies, Fr. Daryl Jordan.


5) Notes on EST Meeting 16 accepted Nem Con


6) Matters Arising :- a) Pastoral Area Reconciliation Service to

be discussed at Clergy Meeting b) RCIA programme - see

Richard Martin’s report c) Bible Study Groups :- St. Joseph’s

group will now met on a Thursday.


7) Coordinating Pastor’s Report:-Please see separate sheet

sent prior to meeting.


8) Director of Lay Formation :-Separate sheet sent prior to meeting.

Church Builder :- Each parish needs someone to train to be

able to update their own website page. Our Pastoral Area is

the last new customer Church Builder will take on , the implications of this were discussed and the decision was

taken to proceed as planned.

Readers Day 16/06/18 at Basingstoke :- The importance of this day was emphasised also the need for sessions to be held in all our churches. The possibility of sharing lifts to Basingstoke was mentioned .

(JM and MT thanked RM for all his hard work .)


9) Update on Day of Prayer and Reflection :- Planning group in discussion with Chris Brydon -Aim of the day -God recharge

our batteries, time for quiet prayer etc. Meeting next week to decide format. Day to start at 10am. No Mass included in the

day but Canon Paul is willing to say Mass at 9.15am if people

wish to attend. Names needed of PPC/LPC members who wish to attend.



10) Individual Parish Activities Since Christmas:-

a) Holy Redeemer :- Mother’s Day Celebration, roses given to

all women and prayers said for women. Garden Calvary and Stations of the Cross b) St. Joseph’s :- Walk of Witness with a

drum played by Chris Burgess, Stations of the Cross, Ashes on the High Street leaflets distributed, Mother’s Day Celebration, full emersion Baptism c) Our Lady Queen of Peace :- Stations of

the Cross, Taize Service, Walk of Witness d) Fordingbridge :

New signage, We Love magazine, Town Passion Play, Mother’s Day Celebration , Lenten Lunches advertised in local churches,

about 30 people attended each lunch its good feedback. ? This will become a monthly event, welcoming all not just parishioners

e) St. Thomas More :- Mother’s Day Celebration flowers given

to every women. Walk of Witness f) Ringwood :- Walk of

Witness, Churches Together Stations of the Cross, Love

Ringwood magazine , New signage g) St. Peter’s School :

Special Day - Jesus the Game Changer ,Stations of the Cross, Alpha, Reconciliation .



11) Marginalised Catholics ? What is Our Strategy :- Discussion

in small groups on who feels marginalised and why. Feedback - Everyone feels marginalised at some time in their life. ? Issues around class, ? The need to relax the Liturgy , ? People do not

feel welcome , confusion around their Faith.? Irregular

marriages , peoples sexuality. Not feeling good enough being judged, Not feeling able to obey the “rules” Strategie, Welcome most important, ? Change Liturgy, Education at Parish level on same sex attraction etc

Sub-group consisting of Canon PT, JM,MA,JH,MT,HE,and JMal

to meet on 16/5/18 at Ringwood after 10an Mass to look at strategies ,idea on how to reach out to all those who don’t

feel welcome.


12) Youth-How do we reach them ? Points raised :- The young

are spiritual +++ so why so few young people in Churches ? Include with the marginalised group ). If adults are on fire

with their Faith youth will be attracted. Need for fun and involvement . Being able to ask questions ( Question and

Answer Sessions happening on the field at St. Peter’s School )


13) Born for This :- Very positive feedback received . Thanks to those involved Special thanks to Juliette Malan and Pene

O’Neil. ? Should it be done every two years with something

else in between.


14) Closing Prayer :- Bishop’s Diocesan Prayer- John Murphy


15) Next Meeting 3rd July 2018 at Sacred Heart and St. Theresa Ringwood 6.30 for 7pm-9pm.


Meeting of EST Sub-Group 16.05.18


The EST sub-group met at Sacred Heart this morning and

came up with the idea of a short/simple/anonymous questionnaire In order to start ‘a conversation’ with PA parishioners regarding ‘the marginalised’.

It was felt we should listen to the voice of The People of God before ‘actioning’ anything. Below are the 4 questions we

came up with but could I ask anyone who may wish to

rephrase or add or take away to let me know at least a week before our meeting on 3rd July. Simplicity is intended and we hope to have a an awareness process before we launch the questionnaire late September with a talk by an EST member

in each parish and requests for prayer throughout the

process. We will discuss the detail in July




Short Introduction to Mission/Work of EST


1. How can we improve our welcoming in our parish?


2. How can we reach out to Catholics in our parish who no

longer come to Mass?


3. What are the issues which keep people from



4. How can we as a Pastoral Area better reach out to young people?

















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