Held at St Thomas More, Iford on 12th July 2017



1) Prayer and Reflection taken from EST Meeting Year2, Meeting 6 (Fr. James Mallon) Peter Thomson.

Mission Statement read aloud by all.


2) Present:

Fr. Tom Grufferty, John Murphy, Neil Dawson, Helen Eales, Mariel Adams, Mary Tolfree, Richard Martin, Maureen Todd, Jenny Happe.


Anne Davies, Deacon Hugh Parry, Juliette Mallon, Helen Rawlings, Fr. Kevin Hoiles, Fr. Daryl Jordan and Fr. Paul Obada.


3) Notes of Previous Meeting (13) 26th April 2017

Accepted ‘Nem Con’


4) Matters Arising:

The Ascension Day Walk was a great success despite bad weather. The atmosphere was friendly. It was seen as a good witness to our Christian faith.

Pastoral Area (PA) Website: Two meetings have taken place. Helen Eales and John Murphy are to meet with Beryl Rice again on Fridays 14th/21st/29th July to ensure the smooth takeover of the site. The EST wished again to thank Beryl for all her hard work over the last ten years.


5) Coordinating Pastor 's Report:

Fr. Grufferty went through the Priest moves in the PA (Fr John Cooke coming to St. Joseph's and will also be Parish Priest at Holy Redeemer. Canon Paul Townsend is coming to Ringwood and Fordingbridge. Both priests will bring their own administration staff.) The importance of good communication with the clergy was discussed and the need for new Mass times to be spread widely once the new priests arrive was considered.

Fr. Grufferty talked about the success of the Alpha course which ran recently at St. Joseph's and building on the ongoing friendships coming from it. He also talked about the need for a broader vision for The Church with the decreasing numbers of clergy. As this was Fr. Grufferty's last EST meeting with Avon Stour PA he thanked EST members for their hard work.

Discussion then continued about the great importance of clergy support and participation in the EST for it to succeed and grow.


6) Director of Lay Formation's Report:

Alpha Course finished 11/7/17. This was a massive success and needs to be ongoing. (See separate sheets ‘Road to Emmaus’,’ Come to the Feast’.)

‘Welcome to Worship’ No.3 was held at Christchurch following Alpha. This was advertised well and over 100 people attended a very happy prayerful evening. Many from the Alpha Course attended.

Prayer Ministry has started after Sunday Mass. once a month, at Christchurch and Southbourne. Training has been given.

Five people from the PA went to Windsor to hear Fr. James Mallon speak.

Richard recommended the book ‘Fruitful Discipleship’ recently released.

Highcliffe are having a Mass for the sick once a month from October.

John Murphy (Chairman) thanked Richard Martin for all his hard work as Director of Lay Formation in the PA.

The importance of Prayer before any venture was emphasised.

There was much positive feedback on Richard's work and an extension of his contract would be

supported by the EST. John Murphy to write to ‘Living Our Faith’ Committee on behalf of EST.

Maureen Todd, in her capacity as Vice Chair, and Richard Martin will meet with the new priests.


7) Evaluation of Day of Prayer and Reflection 3/6/17:

This day went well but organisation was left late. There was very positive feedback from the 14 people who attended.



8) Date and Venue of Day of Prayer and Reflection 2018:

Provisionally this will be 9/6/18 at Fordingbridge and LPCs to be invited. Suggestions for input requested. The day should include4 some sort of professional input (Speaker/DVD etc.) Peter Thomson to approach Chris and Moira regarding their availability


9) Leadership Training Discussion:

Network events bring different ministries together for formation. Look at outside sources particularly at how the evangelicals evangelise. Research what resources are available, look at what is happening locally (members to look at own Parish areas) and discern value to EST. Ask general open questions on Evangelisation. Ensure that EST members push the EST Suggestions at LPC Meetings.

New people should be trained to take on Leadership roles and oversee Ministries. (appointed by Parish Priests).

Network events: These should be open to all members of LPCs. Formation of LPCs is vital for Evangelisation. Ensure ‘the mantra’ of EST members within LPCs is ‘Missionary Discipleship/Apostolate’.

Speak to new priests regarding formation event in the spring? Use Fr James Mallon ‘Divine Renovation’ and ‘How are we Making Disciples’.


10) Website:

Church Builder presentation was very interesting. The package is very flexible complete with data base. Richard explained the overview of the management system. All priests to be invited to next EST meeting with the strong recommendation of purchasing Church Builder


11)’Born for This’ Update:

Preparation for this is ongoing and advertising for workshops in October will be launched early September.


12) EST Display:

Compiled by Maureen Todd and displayed at St. Joseph's for the information of the Parish.


13) AOB:

We were reminded of the importance of saying evangelisation when taking about the EST as many don’t understand the abbreviation.

Should we be focusing on people who have left The Church and maybe in difficult relationships. This should be put on the next agenda for meeting 15


Next meeting at Holy Redeemer Highcliffe Tuesday 10th October 6.30pm for 7pm






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