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A Church for the Poor” new Radio Series - we'd like your input. Please

tell us about your project.


One of the first things Pope Francis said was that he wanted a Poor Church for the Poor and he has introduced an annual World Day of the Poor every November. Heaven’s Road Catholic Radio is producing a new series of programmes to highlight the projects that various Catholic people, charities, and parishes are running to help those in poverty both in the UK and overseas. Hopefully, these programmes will inspire others either to get involved in helping established organisations, large and small, or even start their own project.


The programmes cover a diversity of “poverty” and how the Church is helping the Hungry; Homeless; Lonely; Sick and Dying; Prisoners; Refugees; Lost and Parentless Children; Slavery; no religious freedom; lack of education; trapped in War zones; those trapped in Debt; those in Sin, etc.


The programmes will be broadcast on the Radio from September. There will also be a weekend of TV programmes, on 17th-19th November for the World Day of the Poor 2017. The Saturday will be an all-day music and entertainment extravaganza, broadcast live from churches in England, Eire, Canada, USA and Australia, in conjunction with Church


If you’ve a story to tell about a project helping the poor, or would like to help us, please email or phone Gerry on 07906 073376. The Radio is especially keen to hear from people who can help on the TV weekend – and from musicians, singers, dancers, mime artists etc who can perform on 18th November.



Did you know we have a Pastoral Area Facebook group? If you use Facebook, you are invited to join – search for “Avon Stour Pastoral Area” and then click on “Join”. It serves as a forum for us to share information about Pastoral Area matters or of particular interest to Pastoral Area members. Currently we have 55 members and it is a Closed Group, which means the posts are not viewable by the general public. The more members we have, the more useful this group will become. Here is a link to the facebook group:



There is a website called

which allows you to pray the rosary along with whoever is online at the time. You are told how many people you are praying with at any one time and there are visuals which you may choose in order to assist your prayer. The visuals of the Holy Land are particulary interesting.