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This website has been set up as a means to communicate

the good work that is being carried out in the Spirit

throughout Avon Stour Pastoral Area.

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"Bearing in mind that relationships should come before structures, the continuing implementation of the Pastoral Plan needs us to work hard at those relationships that already exist or are emerging.  They are the key to the new structures, which will evolve gradually.  We need to build them up within and beyond our Pastoral Areas through the sharing of resources, working and praying together and actually loving and caring for each other.  We may have to be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel, for example, being challenged to give up or share something dear to our own community for the greater good of the whole Pastoral Area."

Bishop Crispian's Pastoral Letter  Advent 2009


Our Vision:  from our Mission Statement.


We will work together for the wellbeing of our six communities, hospitals and schools following the model of the early church  "that was united heart and soul.......everything they owned was held in common." (cf Acts 4:32)  We will strive to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in all we do by identifying and sharing expertise, resources and good practice for:



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