Eerik Kallasmaa, a devoted and compassionate pastor, has dedicated over 20 years of his life to the service of the Lord and the spiritual growth of people around the world. Born and raised in South Estonia, Eerik felt God’s calling from a young age. He pursued theological studies and became a Lutheran pastor after graduating. Over the years, he has worked as a missionary, traveling to or living in various countries including Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and locations throughout Africa and the Americas.

Pastor Eerik has developed a unique approach to his ministry, blending elements of mainstream Lutheran and Roman Catholic beliefs with practices from Judaism and other faiths. This inclusive, interfaith perspective has allowed him to connect with diverse communities across the globe, fostering understanding and cooperation among people of different religious backgrounds.

Throughout his ministry, Eerik has been involved in various capacities, including senior pastor and missions coordinator. He has focused on both local and global outreach, consistently striving to provide guidance and support to those in need. His passion for sharing the Gospel and his dedication to teaching has inspired countless individuals to deepen their relationship with God.

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